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Sidepieces Guide

Author:Louise Fagersen



Loose Rings are designed to move independently to the mouthpiece. This allows the horse more freedom to use his tongue, enabling them to place the pressure from the mouthpiece either higher or lower, whichever they prefer. Loose Rings work differently and independently from the mouthpiece in comparison to Fixed Rings.

The use of Bit Guards will reduce movement of the rings, if you prefer a more stable feel on the reins. When Bit Guards are correctly fitted, the hole where the bit ring passes through should sit just on the corner of the mouth. To avoid any pinching, we recommend using our Mouth Corner Tape.

Loose Rings are a good choice for a horse that prefers to lean on the bit and can feel stiff. The choice of accompanying mouthpiece is also a consideration, for example for a playful mouth, you may consider using something more stable.



Fixed rings are attached to the mouthpiece, and the reins’ contact will be more still towards the mouth. Fixed rings will encourage a horse to keep the contact towards the bit and create a stable feeling for both the horse and rider. (how much contact and stability you get depends on what mouthpiece you choose to go with it).
Fixed rings will also help with steering and calm down a horse that plays a lot with the bit.



Baby Schenkel ist ein eingetragenes Geschmacksmuster von Fager. Mit diesem Seitenteil erhalten Sie eine Mischung aus losen und festen Ringen. The Fulmers will lay close to the horse’s side, helps with steering, and keep the mouthpiece steady. Die Gebissringe befinden sich nicht unmittelbar an den Maulwinkeln, wodurch das Pferd ermutigt wird, nach vorne an das Gebiss heranzutreten. Dadurch eignet sich das Gebiss hervorragend für junge Pferde.

Baby Fulmer is FEI approve, even for dressage.



Fager Wings have a unique feature called TOL™, Turn Over Lock system prevents the ring from overbending and hit the molars while working your horse. This fantastic feature protects the teeth and makes anxious and tense horses more relaxed.



Loose Baucher ist ein eingetragenes Design von Fager This sidepiece is designed to keep the mouthpiece steady, without the loose ring interfering with the mouth piece’s placement.
Das Gebiss eignet sich vor allem für Pferde, die sehr empfindliche Maulwinkel und Probleme mit den Prämolaren (P2, Backenzahn) haben. The Loose Baucher will reveal these places from constant pressure and help the horse to relax



Baucher gives a stable, framed feeling. This sidepiece is designed to keep the mouthpiece steady.
s eignet sich damit hervorragend für sehr sensible Pferde, die auch zu Druckstellen und Wunden im Maul neigen oder Probleme mit den Prämolare (P2, Backenzahn) haben. The Baucher will reveal these places from constant pressure and help the horse to relax



Der Effekt eines Kimblehooks ist direkter als bei anderen Hebelgebissen mit längeren Schenkeln Je tiefer die Züge, an den Seiten eingehakt werden, desto schärfer wird das Gebiss. The stable feeling Kimblehook creates can be good for fuzzy and worried horses that gets strong, unbalanced and hard to turn.
Durch das Kimblehook wirkt der Druck nach unten weisend, wodurch das Pferd besser im Genick eingestellt werden kann.
Haken und Kinnkette sind inklusive.



Universal’s versatility with Baby Fulmer will provide a steady mouthpiece, together with the desirable leverage and flexibility feeling from the Universal rings. The Universal rings work as a Gag-bit when the reins are placed in the lower rings. The ring will glide and put pressure on the neck as well as the mouth. Attach a chain or strap between the top rings that goes behind the chin, and you will divide the pressure on Chin, Poll and mouth. Many different ways to try to find out what your horse prefers.
The Universal rings creates a very flexible and light feeling that can help a horse who gets heavy, stiff, too long and low but still can be sensitive if the bit moves too much in the mouth.



Similar to a Kimblehook, but is used with two reins and gives more flexibility thanks to the loose ring. It is a combination of a Loose Baucher bit and curb bit in one. The rein placed in the snaffle ring will not add any leverage, and the rein in the bottom ring will. This will give the rider the advantage of adding leverage only when needed.

A Baby pelham can also be used with a converter strap/Pelham roundings between the rings to use only a single rein.



Similar to a Kimblehook, but can be used with two reins. It is a combination of a Baucher bit and curb bit in one. Auch für den Fahrsport ist Liam genau die richtige Wahl – ihr könnt euer Pferd besser unterstützen und Hilfen kommen gezielt an.

Butterfly sidepiece allow variation of the leverage to suit different situations and horses: For maximum leverage, attach the reins to the bottom ring. For a mix which emulates a mix of a Baucher bit and fixed rings, attach the reins to the highest ring.

A Butterfly can also be used with a converter strap/Pelham roundings between the rings or with two reins.


Kandaren gebisse

A Double bridle is a set of two bits, a bradoon, and a Weymouth.
Each of the bits has its own set of reins and can be used separately and combined.
The bradoon (also called bridoon) is used the same way as a snaffle, usually with smaller rings, loose or fixed.
A Bradoon should be placed the same way as your snaffle, close to the mouth corner.

The Weymouth is a curb with a leverage effect and rests slightly lower than the bradoon.
A short shank (5cm) will have an uplifting effect, while a 7cm shank will keep the contact further down.
The Weymouth should be 0,5-1cm bigger than the Bradoon; this will help the upper Cheek bar (also called purchase) to glide more freely.



Fager’s Sabina shanks are the shortest shanks on the market and similar to a baby pelham but without the snaffle ring. A shorter shank is to prefer if you want the horse more up in their front and provide a quicker response without losing the horses’ neck and body’s flexibility.
Sabina creates a very flexible and light feeling that can help a horse who gets heavy, stiff, too long and low. The flexibility of the sidepiece will give a more flexible mouthpiece as well which can be good for horses that can get tense in the mouth, neck and jaw.

Magnus shanks are a registered design by Fager, with smart variation features depending on what you need. The dividing steps on the shank can be used to attach the reins to different heights to add more or less leverage. It can also be used with two reins for training purposes on different levels if you for example, want more leverage in one gait than another.

This fantastic design is developed together with Magnús Skúlason, one of the world’s best Icelandic horse riders and trainers.


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