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Louise Fagersen from Fager bits, Géraldine Vandevenne from Equibitfit


Article written by one of our professional bit-fitters, Géraldine Vandevenne for Equibitfit, where we get an insight on her thoughts and work.

Louise Fagersen from Fager bits, Géraldine Vandevenne from Equibitfit

„I had the chance to meet Louise Fagersen in Germany when Fager bits just started and then we meet
again in Sweden and had the possibility to discuss about bits, use of bits.

I am using the Fager bits for my consultations as bit and bridle fitter.

I normally work with more or less 10 different brands of bits and a few brands of bridles and bitless

There are a lot of advantages with the Fager bits.

The Titanium bits are easy to handle, not feeling cold, not rusty and very light which is good for
sensitive horses.

A lot of models of Fager bits are made with a space to give more freedom for the tongue and this is
really positive for a lot of horses with tongue sensitivity due to stomach ulcerations.

For young horses, I really prefer to use the baby fulmers because they give stability but also freedom
with the loose rings what’s really important for the horses.

Each horse / rider duo needs its own match of bit and bridle. So if 2 riders ride on the same horse ,
they will probably need each another bit / bridle for the same horse! Because we all have another
posture and level of riding.

For horses from riding school then we choose the most comfortable bit for the horse.
It’s also recommended to check each year your bit / bridle : is it still the one we need for the activity
of the horse, his level….? The horse is changing during the year, the rider too, the material too, so an
annual check up would not be too bad.

Géraldine Vandevenne for Equibitfit
President of the Association of bit and bridle fitters.“

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