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Angelica Titanium Universal

165  115,50 
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Fager Angelica is a good choice for horses who you would describe as the following:

  • Unhappy in the bit you currently use.
  • Reluctant to soften down into the bit.
  • Requires encouragement to seek out the contact without any stiffness.
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Angelicas anatomically shaped mouthpiece features a 45° twisted French Link, designed to follow the natural contours of the tongue.

This center piece works well on a horse who pushes their tongue against the bit in an attempt to evade the contact and take control.

When taking up the reins, Angelicas creates both bar and tongue pressure, encouraging the horse to respond whilst creating a lighter feeling in the hand.

The Universal rings offer more flexibility than other curbs so that the lower the rein is placed on the sides, the sharper effect this bit will create.

We have also added Universal rings to allow variation of the leverage to suit different situations and horses:

For maximum leverage, attach the reins to the bottom ring and this creates a gag effect.

For a mix which emulates a mix of a Baucher bit and loose rings, attach the reins to the middle ring.

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