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Here you will find all our guides and inspiration for bites, clothes etc. Stay tuned to get the latest updates about our products!

Why you should change between bits

The demands we place on horses today differ greatly to our expectations from say 50 years ago. Today we require our horses to be sharper, athletic and much more responsive to our aids.

How to choose bits for your youngster

Choosing a bit for a young, green horse can be challenging.  Below, our Team Rider Sanna has written an insight into her way of thinking when the time comes for her to start a youngster under the saddle. The most important thing when starting a youngster under saddle and introducing the bit is to ensure the horse has a pleasurable experience.

Bit measuring tool

Download Fager’s free measuring tool. Find your horse’s perfect bit size!

Weymouth and Bradoon guide

Not sure which weymouth and bradoon you should choose? They look similar? Here is the ultimate guide for you!


Titanium, Sweet Iron or Sweet Gold?
How can I tell the different material apart? And what would suit me an my horse the best? This guide will help you to find out what the difference is between our materials.

Sidepieces Guide

Are you lost in the jungle of sidepieces? Well here it is – the guide! So you can read all about our sidepieces and find the perfect fit fort you and your horse!

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