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Jamila Icelandic Lozenge Sweet iron

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“Finally we can introduce what Fager and I have been working on.
After trying most shanks on the market, and choosing the best part, we now have the result!”

– Jamila Berg

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We at Fager are very proud to announce our collaboration with Jamila Berg.
Jamila’s amazing riding and presentations over the years have not escaped anyone in the Icelandic world.
After our collaboration began in 2021, Jamila had a clear vision of what she wanted. After several prototypes and a lot of testing, this is the result, and we are more than pleased. This design is made to fit many horses, where you can adjust the leverage to achieve the best result for you and your horse. Fancy a go?

Jamila is produced in limited edition as the first batch. At the moment we have no dates for refills.

The Shank

The Shank design is split into sections to enable a second pair of reins to be used. This innovative twist of design provides an extremely versatile training tool; allowing you to increase or decrease leverage as needed, whilst training with the actual bit that you will use when competing.

Mouthpiece with a lozenge
Jamila knows what she wants. The mouthpiece is wider across the bars and divides the pressure more, but still a lower height to take up less space in the mouth.
The lozenge middle piece is perfect for horses that like a stable and soft mouthpiece, or can be a bit uneven in the contact.

The mouthpiece also has a sliding effect along the shank, which creates an “aha effect” up to the hand and keeps the horse awake for your help.

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