The perfect bit.

Fager's Bit Quiz will help you find the right solution for you and your horse.

We assume your horse is healthy and regularly checked teeth by a proffesional.

What bit works the best for my horse? 
No matter if you ride dressage, jumping, Icelandic horse, or look for a bit for the everyday ride, we will have something that will fit your horse perfectly. But how will we know?
We work with pressure points, and to ask certain types of questions, we will understand what your horse prefers. When you find the right bit, that last piece of the puzzle, you have been struggling with fall into place.
Every horse reacts differently on various pressure points inside the mouth. If you have a horse that continually pulls, leans, falls behind, or in any other way seem uncomfortable with the bit, you won't receive the genuine and honest feeling of Harmony. 

Today, we know the importance of using the right equipment. A bit is one of, if not the most important one to get right. We take this very seriously and will continually improve and make changes to put the horse well being in focus. We work closely together with riders, veterinarians, farriers, Bit fitters, dentists, equitherapist, etc. Every angle of view is as necessary, and it is so exciting to see how everything is connected. A tense tongue is a strained muscle. But never forget, you can never get rid of the pressure, you can only place it somewhere else. But what you can do is to put less tension in the mouth at the beginning. Let us guide you, and let's step up the game.