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Team rider Sara Gallop

Article written by Fager bits teamrider Sara Gallop, International Grand Prix dressage rider, about her favorite Fager bits.

Fager bits have really changed my horses way of going and harmony when it comes to bitting. As a International Grand Prix dressage rider, my horses happiness, understanding and comfort is paramount.
Fager bits are uniquely designed with all of the above in mind and my horses have never felt and gone better.

For me it is the lightweight feel they give the horses and the way they are designed that makes them so comfortable in the horses mouth. Not every horse is straightforward when it comes to bitting, whether it is a young horse finding its balance in a snaffle or a horse that is starting work in a double, with Fager bits I never have to worry.

Fager offer a wide range to suit all types and with an incredibly helpful and informative team as well as the amazing bit quiz online, there is always support to hand.

The majority of my clients now ride in Fager and anyone new to Fager who tries one has never looked back. They really are a revaluation and I am so grateful to be part of the Fager team. I am a very happy rider with very very happy horses.

My go to bits and why I love them:

Sara snaffle (both loose ring and fixed) is an amazing bit for the baby horses as its a real confidence giving bit which encourages them to want to take the contact forwards in a positive way. Helping to develop connection and confidence in the rein.

Julia sweet iron (both loose and fixed ring) – If you have a horse that tends to be fussy with the bit in many different ways, this a perfect go too. On its own as a snaffle or on a double. The roller in the centre really helps the horse to find stability and focus in the contact.

Lilly (loose and fixed) is a step up from the Sara for me. It is my next go to when your young horses is progressing with his training and is starting to get much stronger and needs a little bit more direction. Due to it being single jointed instead of straight it just allows you to have a little bit more play. You can also use this as a bradoon too which works great.


Daniel is my latest favourite. I have some younger horses starting to go in double bridles now and this is such an amazing bit for the majority of them. They find it so comfortable and being sweet iron they just love it. This one is a tackroom must have!

My final go too is the Sofia Weymouth. This is such a versatile go to Weymouth for a lot of horses. Made from titanium, it is super light and the horses just love it. Pair with a titanium snaffle your double will weigh around 400grams! It’s incredible. My go to snaffle with this Weymouth has been a Maria, Madeleine and a Jacob.

I hope this has been a helpful little insight into what to expect from Fager bits. Go check them out, you won’t regret it!

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