Fager bits are hand made in high-quality steel by the best manufacturers in the world. Every design is carefully created with a special horse in mind. With Fager, you will find a solution to improve your horse comfort and qualities to help him become his best self.

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Loose, Wings or Fixed rings?

Fixed rings give the mouthpiece stability, and the rein aids will be more direct and precise. If your horse is hesitant into the contact, fixed rings are to prefer. Loose rings will allow for more movement of the bit in the horse's mouth. Which also will discourage leaning. Loose rings will allow the rider for quick aids with finesse. Fixed rings or loose rings together with bit guards are to recommend if the horse has ”fleshy" lips/mouth corners. Fager Wings have a unique feature called TOL™, Turn Over Lock system prevents the ring to overbend and hit the molars while working your horse. This fantastic feature protects the teeth and makes anxious and tense horses more relaxed.

Sara Titanium Baby Fulmer
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