Daniel Sweet iron Weymouth

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140 EUR

If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Have a bigger, wider tongue
  • Pulling on the reins
  • Needs stability and seek more connection.
  • Have a horse that easily gets wounds on the bars/mouth corners.

Daniel's mouthpiece is a comfortable, wide ported Weymouth bit in Grey Sweet iron.  

Sweet iron will encourage a horse to take the bit and carry it correctly.

Daniel is the go-to choice when you are uncertain about how your horse will react with a Weymouth. It will work for horses with smaller and bigger/wider tongues, without putting the pressure over on the sensitive bars. 

The chain is important to divide the pressure between the mouth-poll and chin.

Hooks and chain are included.

Competition Approved - check it out here!

115mm14mm, 12mm over the tongue50mm or 70mm
125mm14mm, 12mm over the tongue
50mm or 70mm
135mm14mm, 12mm over the tongue
50mm or 70mm
145mm14mm, 12mm over the tongue
50mm or 70mm