Weymouth and Bradoon guide. The Fager way of thinking

All our Weymouth’s and bridoons are designs to keep the feeling light and flexible. Take up less space inside the and create a pleasant contact you will notice.


3 things you need to keep in mind when deciding on the right Weymouth;

  • Bend of the mouthpiece
  • Material
  • Length of the shanks.

Bends of the mouthpiece.

Shaped freedom – Felicia and Philip

This bend suits a horse that is sensitive to pressure over the tongue easily falls behind the hand and needs balance and framing.

Framed movements – Sofia and Sebastian

This bend suits a horse that needs framing and when you wish for a direct and quick response without delay.

Low Flex – Elisabeth and Erik

This bend suits a young or tense horse that can easily overreact to movements from the reins.


 Sweet iron – Philip, Sebastian, and Erik.

Sweet iron will encourage your horse to take the bit and accept the contact.

Sweet iron is especially suitable for a horse that lacks confidence, is young, or unbalanced.

Titanium – Felicia, Sofia & Elisabeth

Titanium will provide you a supple feeling and more responsive contact.

Length of the shank;

A shorter shank, 5cm will give you a more uplifting effect.

The short shank is suitable for horses that need to be looser in the shoulders and lift in front. The shorter the shank – the easier it is to bend and flex.

A longer shank, 7cm, will encourage the horse to follow the bit's contact forward and down.

This length is to prefer to receive a steady, more forgiving contact.