Lilly FSS Titanium Loose rings

Size guide
Width105MM / 4¼”115MM / 4½”125MM / 5”135MM / 5¼”145mm / 5¾”
Ring Size60mm60mm65mm65mm70mm

Normal in size, if you are between two sizes then choose the larger one.


Fager Lilly is the ideal choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Doesn’t actively seek out the contact.
  • Drops the connection.
  • Fall behind the hand.
  • Mouth conformation has a low palate or sensitive bars.

Lilly FSS is a lightweight single-jointed Titanium bit incorporating Fager’s innovative FSS™ system which cleverly locks the joints in any direction avoiding any discomfort or pain on the palate.

Lilly feels more like a classic straight bit in the hand but with added flexibility.   The FSS™ system gives the contact stability whilst allowing freedom and comfort in the horse’s mouth.

Fager Lilly is a well-balanced bit designed to enhance the connection between the horse and rider whilst ensuring the horse is comfortable and focused.  A true ‘horse friendly’ bit.

  • A lighter contact
  • All bits
  • Behind the hand yet sensitive to the aids
  • BITS
  • Bits for sensitive horses
  • lock system
  • Loose rings
  • Maintain stability & consistency
  • My horse can be anxious and drop the contact
  • My horse nods their head
  • Pressure wounds on the bars
  • Pressure wounds on the palate
  • Pressure wounds on the tongue
  • Reluctant to take up the contact
  • Single jointed
  • Titanium
  • Wear on the premolars (P2)
  • Wolf teeth
  • Wounds at the corners of the mouth
  • Wounds inside the cheeks

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