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Jasmine Titanium Bradoon Loose rings

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NOTE: Jasmine can be used in two ways: Either with tongue relief or with bar relief.

For tongue relief – If you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Pulls away or up when you take up the reins.
  • Attempts to put their tongue over the bit.
  • Fussy mouthed.

For bar relief- Turn the bit upside down.

If you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Stiff or rigid to ride.
  • Bites on the bit, attempts to pull it back.
  • Doesn’t seek the contact towards the bit.
  • Drops the contact.
  • Falls behind the hand.
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Jasmine is a durable and lightweight, single-jointed Titanium bradoon. The design is simple, unique and designed with the horse’s ultimate comfort in mind.  The whole of the bit surface, including the joints is 100% smooth allowing complete fluidity and freedom in the mouth.

The joints are specifically designed to never interfere or push against the palate, making Jasmine an extremely comfortable bit.  The mouthpiece naturally conforms to the shape of the tongue whilst relieving the bars from constant pressure.  Jasmine is the perfect solution for sensitive horses who easily cut or bruise in the mouth.

The lightweight, straight design helps to promote more precise and direct communication down the reins.

When used in combination with Fager’s Titanium Weymouth, this lightweight set weighs just 400 g (approx) which is less than a regular double bridle!

This design is the ideal solution for sensitive horses who easily develop sores and cuts as it protects the bars and the flesh of the mouth.

N.B. The balance point remains even if it has a slight bend over the tongue = Upwards. 

We recommend having the Bridoon in the same size as your snaffle, the Weymouth can be ½ -1cm bigger.

Observe; Jasmine has the same mouthpiece as Greta. Greta is the snaffle version = normal snaffle rings. Jasmine is the bradoon version = smaller bradoon rings.


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