Frida Titanium Wings

Size guide
Width 105MM / 4¼” 115MM / 4½” 125MM / 5” 135MM / 5¼” 145mm / 5¾”
Thickness 12mm 12mm 14mm 14mm 14mm
Ring Size 65mm 65mm 65mm 65mm 65mm

Normal in size, if you are between two sizes then choose the larger one.


Frida 2.0 is has arrived!

Frida is a versatile bit which can be used in two different ways.

  1. Fit the bit with the Fager Logo on your horse’s right side, running forward.

When fitted this way, Frida’s mouthpiece will lock backwards against the throat, with no lock in front. The plate will be angled against the tongue and create more pressure. This bit is perfect for the strong, fussy, and stubborn horse.

  1. Fit the bit with the Fager Logo on your horse’s left side, upside down and running forward.

When fitted this way, the mouthpiece will lock forward whilst the plate will lie flat against the tongue. This is the perfect bit for sensitive horses who are unwilling to maintain the contact towards the bit.

Frida follows the natural contours of the mouth and has a short centerpiece which lies flat against the tongue, eliminating palate interference.   It’s breakover is more towards the outside of the tongue, allowing it to soften excessive pressure to the center of the tongue, giving a more consistent feel across the mouth.

We have seen that horses with sensitive tongues have accepted the contact and been more willing to work in this mouthpiece.

On the inside of Frida’s wings, you will discover Fager’s innovative TOL™ system which is designed to protect the horse’s molars from ring pressure. The rings create an excellent and fast contact through the loose rings without placing constant pressure on one side when bending. If the horse plays with or pulls on the bit, the rings will lock and fix, working like a fixed ring to help the rider regain connection and control. When a stable reconnection to the mouth is made, the rings will loosen again.

  • A lighter contact
  • All bits
  • Behind the hand yet sensitive to the aids
  • BITS
  • Bits for sensitive horses
  • campaign
  • Category C - Mix
  • Category C - Snaffle
  • Double jointed
  • lock system
  • Maintain stability & consistency
  • Maintains a good contact; an uncomplicated ride
  • My horse can be anxious and drop the contact
  • My horse nods their head
  • My horse pulls against the contact
  • My horse puts their tongue over the bit and opens their mouth
  • Pressure wounds on the palate
  • Pressure wounds on the tongue
  • Reluctant to take up the contact
  • Small bits
  • Snaffles
  • Titanium
  • Wear on the premolars (P2)
  • Wings
  • Wolf teeth
  • Wounds at the corners of the mouth
  • Wounds inside the cheeks

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