Category D

This category is for horses that can be on and off. Sometimes hot and forward and sometimes overreacting and stop listening.


Julia will give you an extra gear when your horse is ignoring your hands and won't soften to the contact. Can your horse sometimes overreact to the contact? Then Alexander is a better choice.


A quicker and more honest response, less fussy mouth an overall happier horse? Try Carl!  We divided the pressure more equally and followed the natural shape of the mouth. To avoid head tossing and unhappy/stressful behavior.


Similar to Carl, but it also has the front lock. This will create more contact towards the hand. The wings also have our Turn Over Lock (TOL) so the wings stop in 90degrees and won't press on the molars while bending/turning. Super alternative for sensitive, but also hot and forwards horses. Great for jumping with many quick turns.


Frida's mouthpiece, with a bit more leverage. When you need that extra without having to pick a fight.


John is a fantastic bit that gives you that little extra. So many horses just love this mouthpiece, together with Fager's patent Baby Fulmer's - it is a great complement to own.


Divide the pressure more equally over the neck, mouth, and chin by adding a chain. You will be surprised how many horses feel comfort with a curb bit. Very important that the chain is not too loose, otherwise it will have the opposite effect! Slightly more leverage than Sabina.