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Comfort is our focus

Fager apparel is created with both comfort and functionality at the forefront of the designs. We guarantee that once worn, you will fall totally in love with the outstanding quality and feel – so much so that you may not want to take them off!

Our fabrics are specifically chosen to ensure they prepare you for whatever your day may bring. Fager will very quickly become your ‘go-to’ brand – both in and out of the stable, nothing compares once you have worn Fager!


A fabric created by Fager to give a luxurious feeling that subtly follows the contours of your
body without clinging. Flexible for superior comfort without compromising on shape
retention, allowing the fabric to bounce back into shape, with a smooth, gentle sheen finish.



Specifically produced to create THE most comfortable leggings you could possibly wish for!
Breathability and stretch are unbelievable, they stretch to the max! Durability around horses
is critical but often durability compromises on beauty; but definitely not in our case, with
the outer side of the material featuring a slight sheen which is dust repellent too!
Heavy/dense enough for flattering coverage which won’t slide down as you walk. This fabric
is made to last and will continue to maintain its tenacity and beauty for many years!



The same properties as NYLFA46 with higher density to the fabric. Maintains the same
ultimate stretch and beautiful sheen finish.


This is no ordinary t-shirt, this is the most comfortable t-shirt you will find in the market
place today! The FASO™ fabric incorporates an elastic bounce, creating soft feeling which
flatteringly follows your body shape. Stretchy with a hint of sheen, it is so comfortable you
will want to wear it for stable work, riding, workouts, sleeping… you name it! The fabric has
a density which is non see=through, even in the lighter colours.


Emma shirts

This fabric was made to move! Designed with an active, sportsperson in mind, these shirts
feature 4-way stretch fabric making them extremely comfortable and non-restrictive to
wear. Designed to be close-fitting, they hug the body like a second skin. Technically
exceptional at wicking moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable, this fabric is
quick drying with added UV protection to protect the skin from the sun when outdoors for
long periods.

Charlie Cashmino

30% Cashmere
70% Merino Wool
Merino wool is renowned worldwide for its strength and durability and its ability to regulate
body temperature, especially when worn directly against the skin. It is able to wick away
moisture, keeping the wearer warm without overheating.
Merino wool also has antibacterial properties to keep skin healthy.
The inclusion of Cashmere wool provides excellent insulation without bulk. These two
wools in combination, mean that Charlie will be the sweater you will want to wear when the
temperatures drop.

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